MP Meinya raises posers over Merger Agreement

THOUBAL, 28th Dec: Lok Sabha MP Thokchom Meinya has once again urged upon the Union Government and Union Home Ministry in particular to collect information about Manipur Merger Agreement, 1949 and place details of the infamous agreement in the Parliament. Raising the matter during Zero Hour as an urgent matter of public interest at the ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, the MP representing Inner Manipur questioned the constitutional position of the merger of the erstwhile Manipur State with the Union of India and asked whether the Merger Agreement has been ratified by the then Parliament of India. He also asked whether it is a fact that the Merger Agreement was rejected by the then Manipur State Assembly. Unsatisfied with the answer given by the minister concerned, Dr T Meinya urged the Union government to collect information and place details of the same during the current Winter Session.

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