BJP Govt doing whatever they like is dictatorship: O Ibobi

IMPHAL, 24th Dec: Alleging that the BJP led NDA government has misled even the Supreme Court regarding purchase of Rafale aircrafts, former chief minister O Ibobi said that the apex court was misinformed by the government with its claim that the CAG report had been discussed before the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Parliament when it was never discussed.
The former CM also expressed concern over how the BJP led government would be misleading the people when it has even misled the Supreme Court and observed that such acts of the BJP government are clear signs of dictatorship.
Under the banner “Demonstration against central government’s misleading of Supreme Court ruling on Rafale scam case”, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) on Monday took out a mass rally from Congress Bhawan and marched through Kanglapat road, Khoyathong, Nagamapal, Thangal Bazar and Khwairamband Keithel before converging at the starting point.
Speaking on the sidelines, O Ibobi informed that the rally was organised under the guidance of AICC, and said that such is the ability of the BJP led NDA government to do whatever they like that they have even misled the Supreme Court. The statement made by central government in the affidavit submitted to the apex court which says that CAG report had been discussed before the PAC is completely wrong, he asserted.
The reports of the Rafale jet purchase should be submitted by CAG to PAC of the Parliament. Moreover, CAG should look into the drawbacks of Rafale deal, how much they cost, etc., from the very beginning, the Congress leader contended, while adding that even the Prime Minister may be asked to appear for questioning, if necessary.
Ibobi continued that the CAG should be asked to explain if they had reported wrongly and maintained that chairman of PAC, who is an opposition leader in Lok Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge declared that the report has not been discussed before PAC. He further stated that the people need to reflect on how the NDA government must be misleading the public if they can even feed false information to the Supreme Court.
While saying that similar to acts of the central government, the BJP led government in the state has been intimidating the people whenever they express their minds, the Congress leader pointed out that in a democratic government, spokesperson of government or political party should clarify on whether allegations against the government or party are true or not and should give justification. However, democracy will fail and dictatorship will rise if the government thinks that no one can raise dissenting voices against it, he added.
The former chief minister maintained that in order to save India’s democracy, CAG report on Rafale scam should be produced and discussed in the parliament and in meetings of Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). Whether right or wrong, people will decide from what comes out of the meetings and true judgement should be given by the people in a democracy, he added.
Ibobi, who contended that NDA government is capable of submitting affidavit to Supreme Court without even signing on it, lamented that a situation has arisen as to where people cannot raise their dissenting voices against the government.
Whether the government is guilty or not on Rafale scam should be decided after the CAG report is brought before and discussed in PAC and JPC, Ibobi reiterated, adding that if unsatisfied with the decision, legal recourse should be taken.
MPCC president TN Haokip, CWC member and former Dy CM Gaikhangam, Congress MLAs, office bearers and workers of MPCC also took part in the rally.

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