Cong trying to cover up lies: BJP

IMPHAL, 22nd Dec: BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesperson Ch Bijoy has accused Congress party of continuing to spew lies after lies in an attempt to cover up a single lie. Addressing a press conference held at BJP’s office here Saturday, Bijoy referring to AICC general secretary Gaurav Gogoi’s statements on the Rafale issue, reminded that the BJP government has already clarified on the matter multiple times.
He said that it is unfortunate that the AICC secretary had to make up lies just so it could tarnish the image of a corruption-free government that the BJP has been able to establish, when in reality, Congress, since 1947, has been involved in a number of scandals such as the Bofors, coal, submarine deals, 2G scams, etc.
“The scandals of Congress party can be compiled into a general knowledge book”, the spokesperson wryly remarked. Maintaining that costs of Rafale jets must remain a secret in the interest of national security, Bijoy accused the Congress party of using a sensitive security matter to propagate their political interests. Even the Supreme Court had dismissed the three PILs in the matter, ruling that no illegalities were involved. However, overriding the apex court’s ruling, the Congress has been demanding formation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) to look into the matter.
“Congress plans to use the JPC to bring up the Rafale jet deal in every election so as to sway the votes”, he alleged.
Questioning if any JPC has ever ruled on any issue, the spokesperson conveyed that despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that no more PILs related to the Rafale issue will be entertained, another PIL was filed for which the apex court had imposed a fine of Rs 50,000 on the petitioner, Bijoy pointed out. He further raised suspicions if Congress party’s every motive is to accuse the government in every way possible.
Alleging that Congress Party has repeatedly shown that it can compromise national security in their greed for power, Bijoy highlighted the controversy of Rs 70 crore kit bags of 320 airbuses purchased by UPA-I and UPA-II and added that the position of Congress leaders with regard to the National Herald case will soon become crystal clear.
BJP general secretary (media) N Nimbus, who also attended the press conference, said that discussion on the specifications of Rafale Jet or any sensitive confidential information on public domain is impossible, as it will only benefit India’s enemies. However, it is to be noted that the Rafale deal was initially signed as a confidential agreement by the UPA government. Nevertheless, it seems that a change in the political atmosphere has led the Congress not to care about the national defence and security interests, he remarked.
He then asserted that Congress’ political games are an affront to the air force strategy of the country, when the BJP government’s only role was to carry out the deal that was signed by the previous government, in this age of technology.
However, one needs to remember that both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi are currently out on bail with regard to the National Herald case, which is one of the many corruption scams of the UPA government, he added.

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