Biswajit dubs Dr Meinya ‘dishonest’, seeks fund use details

IMPHAL, 15th Dec: Pointing out that Lok Sabha MP Dr T Meinya is getting Rs 5 crore every year as local area development fund, works minister Th Biswajit has demanded to know the whereabouts of the Congress MP’s LAD fund of Rs 25 crore for the past five years.
Speaking at the inauguration of a power sub-station at Kasom Khullen in Kamjong district on Saturday, Biswajit reacted sharply against a statement made by the Congress MP who spoke about failure to provide jobs under MGNREGS in the state.
Responding to the statement, the minister enquired what the MP has been doing during the parliament sessions. He also challenged the MP to point out the locations where MGNREGS works are executed less than 10 days a year.
Dr Meinya was sent to the Parliament as a representative of the people and not to swindle public money, he said and demanded the MP to declare how he utilised his MP local area development funds for the terms he was elected. He also called the Congress MP a dishonest person.
Before the BJP government, the average mandays under the scheme was only 19 per cent and such low performances resulted in disruption of further funding. However, with the efforts of the BJP government, the mandays percentage climbed up to 61. As such, the budget sanction for the scheme in the state has been recently increased from Rs 300 crore to Rs 600 crore, he said, while accusing the MP of playing dumb.
Maintaining that Congress won three states in the recent state assembly elections in five states due to anti-incumbency factors, Biswajit said that there is nothing to rejoice for Congress as the actual vote share they got in the election was 40 per cent as against 41 of BJP. Besides, Rajasthan has a unique pattern of politics with its people electing alternate party for every term and it was the turn of Congress this time. As such BJP has nothing to worry about for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, he said.
He also asked Congress why it is not lamenting loss in the Mizoram assembly election.
On the other hand, there are huge differences between the past and present government. Development initiatives are being taken up in fast pace in the past one and half years. As part of its development policies, the government would soon construct an elevated highway to address road congestion in Imphal city possibly by January or February next year. There are also plans to construct foot bridges in several parts of Imphal. The idea of ring road, which was proposed just for namesake during the past government, has been finalised for construction under ADB and tender for finalizing consultancy firm has been completed. Moreover, the government has plan to upgrade seven important highways of the state into national highways for bringing improvement in connectivity front, he added.
Blaming Congress for the lack of development in the country even after several decades of independence, Biswajit said that the party always put itself first before the people. Unlike them, BJP puts the nation first, he contended.

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