Cong rejoices over BJP’s loss in Hindi heartland states

IMPHAL, 13th Dec: Congress leaders of the state celebrated party's victory in three out of the five states where assembly elections were conducted recently as well as rejoiced defeat of the BJP in all the five states.
Apart from celebrating the election triumph, they also conducted a closed-door meeting to chalk up strategies in connection with the upcoming Lok Sabha election. The meeting held "over a cup of tea" was attended by Congress MLAs, MPCC office bearers, ex-MLAs, members of PCC, chiefs of frontal organisations and cells, presidents of DCC and BCC at Congress Bhawan, here Thursday.
Speaking at the celebration function, CLP leader O Ibobi opined that the victory of Congress party in the three out of five states which went to the polls recent merits celebration. The defeat of the BJP in the election has once again reaffirmed that people are next to god and consent of the people is the will of god.
He said that Congress party has always cautioned that in a democracy, there can be no false claims and arbitrary statements and that people can never be suppressed or threatened.
While pointing out that public closely observe whether the party in power fulfills its promises or not, Ibobi expressed that the people of India are giving an indication of ‘as you sow, so shall you reap’ to the BJP.
Terming the renaming of ‘Look East Policy’ to ‘Act East Policy’ as yet another false promise made by the BJP during 2017 election, the former chief minister said that he had expected unique and different approach of activities and developments from the government with the changing of name of the policy. But the public expectation has been belied.
He asked what the Union ministers, who assured developmental activities during their visit every week, have done for the people.
Pointing out that the state government led by BJP remained silent during the protracted unrest in Manipur University saying that it was not within its purview, the former chief minister expressed that he was worried that MU would be destroyed by such misconduct of the ruling party. Stating that he expected the BJP government both at the centre and in the state to solve the issue within a month after listening to the dissenting parties, Ibobi recalled that the court finally intervened to save academic career of the students of Manipur University as the government failed to perform its duties. The midnight raid at Manipur University with deployment of huge security forces had never happened earlier, he added.
Ibobi went on to say that the people are aware of the suppressive policy of the BJP led government backed up by its publicity and propaganda while mocking that PM Narendra Modi or other BJP leaders won’t be able to rest at night if they were completedly routed in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
Reminding the Congress workers that the party cannot remain satisfied with winning of election in three states but should strive hard for winning the two MP seats of the state as well, the CLP leader appealed to the people to join in the revolution that is being witnessed in India.
Former deputy CM and CWC member Gaikhangam said that BJP has been rooted out from three large states in the assembly elections held in five states and the huge victory of Congress in these three states is a sign of victory of India’s democracy.
The campaign for saving democracy and India from BJP and to form a new India initiated by Rahul Gandhi, who stresses the need of all political parties to come together, has started witnessing its result, Gaikhangam observed, while adding that the era of coalition government has arrived.
Recalling that the Congress party had declared that the BJP-led government would burst like a bubble the moment it was formed, Gaikhangam maintained that the prediction made by Congress that the coalition government of the BJP will not last for five years once the people are aware of their misleading lies is turning into reality.
He further said that lies told by PM Narendra Modi four and half years ago will not be forgotten and has started reflecting in the election.
Quoting scripture that says “You will come to know the truth and it will liberate you”, Gaikhangam said that people have started knowing true face of BJP as a political party that lives on lies. With revelation of the truth, the BJP government will be punished by the people, he added. Observing that the victory of Congress is a victory of truth, democracy and Rahul Gandhi, he maintained that Rahul Gandhi has always spread the message of truth to the people. The deception of BJP will be largely reflected in the 2019 parliamentary election and the saffron party will definitely suffer defeat, he predicted, while adding that it will be the beginning of the end of BJP rule. Stating that the defeat of BJP in three major states of the country in the assembly election has indicated the time for Congress has come, Gaikhangam called upon the gathering to strive for the two Congress MP candidates to win in Lok Sabha Election and for the return of the coalition government led by Congress in the state.

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