Democracy will return to India in 2019: MLA

IMPHAL, 12th Dec: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government which has been undermining democracy and gagging the public and media by enforcing unannounced emergency will not be there in 2019, and democracy will return to India, predicted Thangmeiband MLA Khumukcham Joykisan.
Speaking as chief guest at the 32nd annual prize distribution cum inauguration of building of Naharol Leishemba Club (NLC), Thangmeiband Sinam Leikai, which was constructed and funded by him, MLA Joykisan asserted that the results of the recently conducted assembly elections in five states clearly show that the public have rejected the communal politics of BJP. It also proves that the people of India have scorned the action of the government which muzzles any voice of dissent against the government by media or public.
“Accordingly, it is assured that by 2019 Lok Sabha elections there will be no more BJP government at the Centre and democracy will comeback in India, along with the rights of citizens”, he said.
Joykisan observed that it will be very wrong to think that the public should only praise the government and criticism against it is anti-national. It will never be good for any government to hand out lucrative contracts to its dissenters to silence them.
In a democratic country, the citizens have constitutional rights, ‘Freedom of Speech’ is guaranteed to every citizen by the Constitution of India and that’s why public should talk with liberty in the country. Everyone should come together against the government which denies the public their rights, he added.
The MLA also opined that the state government’s silence on current border issues, be it at Haolenphai, Dzuko Valley or the border pillar at Kwatha village could be overcome if the people are united.
In connection with inauguration of the new building, Joykisan stated that local clubs have a huge role in various issues. "Beating up alcoholics and liquor sellers will not lead to anything, it will be better if we solve the problem by first knowing why a person becomes an alcoholic or why anyone wants to sell liquor. In Senapati and Karong, drinking alcohol is a rare thing, as the women folk of the area play a big role in stopping it. In the same way, meira paibi members can play a big role here also," the MLA stressed. He further announced that by next year, the first floor will be added to the new building.
The MLA also dedicated Tabung Pukhri (pond) whose retaining wall was constructed under funds provided by him, to the public.
The event was also attended by NLC president Pratap Leishangthem as president while Imphal Municipal Corporation Ward No 1 corporater Gaidon Gangmei and ex-director of prosecution Ng Tejkumar were the guests of honour.
On the other-hand, functionaries of All Manipur United Clubs Organisation (AMUCO) inaugurated a toilet complex constructed at NLC by the organisation, on Wednesday.

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