False implication of men by women increasing: MSCW

IMPHAL, 12th Dec: Observing that crimes against men by women are increasing in the state, Manipur State Commission for Women (MSCW) chairperson professor Dr Meinam Binota has urged women of the state not to use the commission as a tool to exploit their male counterparts or submit false complaints to the commission.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle during an exclusive interview, Dr Binota asserted that the commission was constituted to assist women in protecting themselves against crime and to deliver justice. Any woman victim can seek help from the commission at any time.
Unfortunately, some women are misusing the power of the commission by raising false complaints just to meet their personal gain. However, the commission will investigate all complaints thoroughly and take up necessary actions against those guilty irrespective of their gender, she said and added that not every complaint raised by women could be true.
Recalling one such false complaint, the chairperson informed that the commission received a complaint from a woman on September 4. The woman alleged her husband of harassing her and her children frequently under the influence of liquor. He even tried to kill them and they could no longer live with him, the woman said in her complaint while seeking justice against her allegedly abusive husband.
During the hearing, the respondent husband denied the allegations and claimed that his wife has been instigating their children against him so that they would not want to live with him.
He also sought custody of his children.
Later, the commission in its investigation found out that the woman made her husband to sell their family inheritance homestead land. With the amount they got from selling the land, they bought another cheaper land and the woman registered the land in her name. Moreover, some leftover amount was used by the woman and the complaint was filed after six months of buying the new land.
Based on the finding, the commission made final recommendation on November 15 in the presence of the complainant and respondent. The commission advised the woman to change the ownership of the land in both their names within one month and stay together as a couple.
It further advised them to develop better understanding between them and avoid frequent fights. The recommendation also mentioned that the woman can go to appropriate forum if she is not satisfied with the recommendation of the commission, Dr Binota added.

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