‘Tamenglong’ to reach South Africa before Christmas

IMPHAL, 8th Dec: The GPS tagged Amur Falcon ‘Tamenglong’, which flew past Somalia on November 24 reached Tanzania on December 6. ‘Tamenglong’ was GPS tagged to trace the routes of the bird species which migrate to Manipur in November every year. Latest reports from Dr Suresh Kumar (WII), who took a major role in the satellite tagging of the Amur Falcon and is currently monitoring the flight route of ‘Tamenglong, said that ‘Tamenglong’ was located feeding near Rukwa Lake in Tanzania situated near the Zambia border on December 6. ‘Tamenglong’ reached Rukwa Lake in Zambia after flying across the highest mountain in African continent Mount Kilimanjaro. By the time, Tamenglong was flying across the Kilimanjaro mountain, the GPS tagged ‘Longleng’ of Nagaland was located some distance farther from where Tamenglong was located near Rukwa Lake. Both ‘Tamenglong’ and ‘Longleng’ are likely to land at South Africa before Christmas. It may be mentioned here that ‘Tamenglong’ which was released on November 5 started its journey from November 20 and reached Somalia after a non-stop flight of about 5 days and eight hours covering a distance of 5700 kms.

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