Clarity on animal attack mystery today: CCF

IMPHAL, 5th Dec: The mystery over attacks and mutilation of poultry birds and other domestic animal reported from different parts of the state will be cleared by Thursday, asserted chief conservator of forests (CCF/Wildlife) Anurag Bajpai.
Briefing media as usual on Wednesday evening in connection with unknown creators targeting livestock, Anurag explained that experts from the Dehradun-based Wildlife Institute of India (WII) have been conducting intensive studies on samples of birds and animals which were found killed as well as footprints of the suspected attackers collected from places of such attacks.
Informing that the WII experts, who are investigating the cases of unknown creatures attacking and killing poultry birds and other animals, include a carnivorous biologist and a camera trap specialist, the CCF reiterated that the experts will come up with a definite answer to the mysterious killings by Thursday.
Referring to the huge public outcries and anxieties over livestock found killed and mutilated since the end part of November and first few days of the current month, he contended that such incidents have declined sharply in the last few days.
He confided that the forest department on Wednesday received information of stray incidents of attacks on ducks and chickens from isolated pockets of Thoubal, Bishnupur, Imphal West and Imphal East districts. Anurag also informed that the WII team investigated an incident of two poultry birds found killed in a Churachandpur district village earlier in the day.
The CCF told media persons at Forest Department office near Sanjenthong about the owner informing the team of experts that his chickens were attacked by a pet dog.
Anurag also maintained that 12 cameras have been installed by the forest department at places from where attacks on livestock have been reported. Joining the media briefing, chief conservator of forests (T-I) Mahendra Pratap opined that as per investigations carried out by the WII experts and department officials, pet dogs or other canine species might be behind maximum number of incidents of attacks on livestock.
While stating that there is a tendency among stray dogs to stay or move together after dusk, he maintained that likely cause of attack on livestock might be due to shortage of food leading such packs to prey on easy targets like ducks and chickens.
During winter season canine species are known to prefer feeding on intestines of their prey in order to keep themselves warm, Mahendra explained and appealed to all sections of the society to refrain from hunting or killing wildlife on mere speculation.

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