MPP reiterates stand on fielding candidates

IMPHAL, 1st Dec: Manipur People’s Party (MPP) president Oinam Jugindro reiterated that the party will contest the upcoming Lok Sabha Election by fielding candidates for both inner and outer parliamentary constituencies. Addressing media persons at the party office here on Saturday, Jugindro said that there is no meaning for MPP to remain as a political party if it could not field candidates in state assembly and parliament elections. A meeting of MPP Central Committee, the party’s highest decision making body, held Friday reaffirmed the earlier decision to field candidates for both the seats. He also informed that 90 out of 125 members of the committee attended the meeting. Reacting to comments that questioned the party’s decision, the MPP president said that the person making the statement was expelled from the party and appealed to all not to believe such claims. He further said that MPP feels the need to act responsibly in the present political trend under Congress and BJP. The party will remain as an opposition party and do the needful for the welfare of the people, he added.

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