Separate budget allotted for Start-Ups: Karam Shyam

IMPHAL, 26th Nov: To encourage entrepreneurship in the state, the state government has started allotting a separate budget for Start-Ups from last year, said CAF&PD and Revenue minister Karam Shyam.
Speaking as chief guest during inauguration of Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship at NIT Manipur on Monday, minister Shyam called upon the younger generation to strive for excelling in their chosen profession. “World today is ruled by Science and Technology, and anything we do in our day to day life requires technology. We need to move forward with the changing times. That’s why, technocrats should bring out new ideas to benefit the state.”
Expressing hope that NIT Manipur will play a big role in this sector and provide innovative ideas to the state government, the minister referred to report that around 200 students have graduated from the institute out of which some are working outside and others staying in the state unemployed.
“It is bewildering that even after passing from NIT they are not working. They need to question themselves if they are truly technocrat, as even after gaining the idea of technology they are unemployed. They should create an opportunity for themselves by using the brain and knowledge of technology,” he added.
Shyam confided that he himself is a textile engineer, although there is no proximity between textile engineering and politics but he uses the knowledge and wisdom he gained from it to become the elected representative of the people.
Nowadays, even a layman can earn his livelihood easily. So, when a person who has the knowledge of technology remains unemployed, it means that he/she didn’t grasp the knowledge properly, the minister said.
The knowledge they gained during their study should contribute something to the society. Everyone should think of how to develop the state and better the economy by sharing new ideas and thoughts with the youth of the state.
So anyone with qualified projects will be provided money, land and man-power but they should work with determination and self-confidence, he said.
The minister suggested that if spices which are used in every household are manufactured in the state, lakhs of revenue could be earned. Not only that, various fruits found in the state could be converted in to dry fruits by using solar energy and sold in the market. It is essential that by using technology one not only earns money but generates employment for others.
Earlier, people had to run from pillar to post for getting loans from the banks but now the chief minister has announced that the bank which does not give out loans will not get cooperation from the government and no government account will be opened in the bank.
Government cannot provide job to all, so the present government knows the importance of developing entrepreneurship in the state, he added.
Presided over by NIT Manipur director Prof Goutam Sutradhar, the function was also attended by Maschinen Fabril Pvt Ltd, Kolkata managing director Dr Smaran Choudhury as guest of honour.

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