NE has moved beyond guns, shutdowns, blockades: Modi

Lunglei (Mizoram), 23rd Nov: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday accused the Congress of ignoring development in Mizoram and said that the northeast has moved beyond shutdowns, guns and blockades.
“The northeast has moved beyond guns, shutdowns and blockades. Today everyone is experiencing it from Itanagar to Aizawl, from Kohima to Kamrup,” he said while addressing a public meeting in the poll-bound Mizoram that will be voting on Nov 28.
Modi also attacked Congress leaders for calling the attire of the northeast outlandish. “People in northeast in many places give me the traditional attire which is called outlandish by the Congress leaders. They speak a lot when they come here but this is their reality. I feel a deep sense of anguish, when I see the leaders of the Congress party abuse the same traditions.”
“In the last four years, the BJP government at the Centre has worked for greater recognition and spread of Indian culture and traditions, far and wide,” he said.
Congress leader Shashi Tharoor had in August stated that Prime Minister Modi wears “outlandish” headgear.
“I ask you why does our Prime Minister wear all sorts of outlandish headgear wherever he goes around the country or around the world? Why does he always refuse to wear a Muslim skull cap? Tharoor had stated.
“You see him in Naga headgears with feathers. You have seen him in various kinds of extraordinary outfits which is a right thing for a prime minister to do. Indira Gandhi has also been photographed wearing various kinds of costumes. But why he still always says no to one? Tharoor had stated.
Appealing to people of the state to get rid of the Congress rule, Modi said, “due to the Congress government in Mizoram people are not being able to reap much benefit. In fact, the Congress government does not bother about Mizoram.”
“Its work culture has caused many projects to be delayed, leading to crumbling infrastructure in the state. However, the neighbouring states have excellent roads,” he said.
Taking a dig at the Congress, Modi said that the work culture of the Congress is not development. Its culture is to “delay, halt and divert...For them corruption is the medium of politics,” he alleged.
Highlighting his government’s “Act East and Act Fast for India’s East”, Modi said, “In the last four and half years, the BJP at the Centre has been working on “Act fast for India’s East”. And we have developed every region of the Northeast.”
The Prime Minister also took a dig at the Congress for being confined to only two to three states where it is in power. “The Congress which once governed most of the Indian states is now restricted to just two or three states. Now, the people of Mizoram, have a golden opportunity to rid themselves of this Congress culture.”
Describing the Congress’ policies as “divide and rule”, Modi said “after decades of exploitation at the hands of the Congress, it is now that the people of the country have understood their formula. For them, only the chair matters.” “‘Gati’ (Speed) and ‘pragati’ (Development) is the focus of our government. While only 100 km of railway tracks were laid in north-eastern states during the Congress rule, the BJP governments are laying railway tracks three times more now,” said Modi.
“Apart from railway lines, new airports were also being constructed and old airports were being upgraded to remove the communication bottlenecks in the north-eastern region. Works of over Rs 5,000 crore are being undertaken in the telecom sector,” he said, adding that better connectivity would not only lead to ease of life but also boost the tourism sector. The 40-seat Mizoram Assembly will go to polls on November 28. Counting of votes will take place on December 11. Mizoram is the only state in the northeast where the Congress is ruling.

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