UNLF cherishes steely resolve of masses to defy supressive rule

IMPHAL, 23rd Nov: On the eve of its 54th anniversary which falls on November 24, the proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) has extended revolutionary greetings to all the fraternal revolutionary groups of Manipur as well as of WESEA region.
On behalf of the party and its armed wing - Manipur People’s Army, the Central Committee also presented its annual statement which called for a collective wisdom of patriotic people of Manipur to do an earnest deliberation for the future of Manipuri nation that was bequeathed to present generation by valiant forefathers shedding their blood and tears; so as to enable to pass it’s legacy onto future generation for providing a liberated, emancipated and transformed life, free from India.
The Committee stressed that among all the resources that Manipur have, the most valuable is people’s inherent and prolific human resource. With this abundant human resource only, though Indian colonialism tried to keep us suppressed in every field, our people have been showing excellence and outshining in many fields showing the world our mettle that we are not easily suppressible and will rise again like the phoenix. By this indomitable quality of inherent human resource alone, we are capable of winning the fight against the Indian regime and show a pathway of freedom and independence for our future generation. The Central Committee asserted that "our prolific human resource is the main force with which we can win our liberation struggle and enable us to rewrite our own destiny."
Another area of paramount importance is to nurture and build up a patriotic and valiant future generation conscious about the social and national problems, it said and appealed to compatriots to impart social education as well to the younger generations, particularly young children, about our ideal social values such as social courtesy, discipline and also instil in them the pride of being the descendants of the brave patriotic forefathers who built our nation through blood and tears.
But ever since Manipur was annexed by India, the deep malaise which the people is experiencing is the anarchic system of education; and such a wholesome education policy to produce our desired human resource has been non-existent while all our educational institutions have been ruined by corruption imported by the Indian system, the Central Committee said.
And above all these, India’s ‘National Education Policy’ which is imposed upon us, instead of creating the desired human resources; is playing havoc with it; as our younger generations are made oblivious of our distinctive identity, culture, origin, and history. The reason for imposing this policy is to obliterate our own history and distinct identity so as to be able to occupy Manipur completely. Because, even after so much political and economic suppression, Indian suppressive rule cannot make our people totally controlled and submissive; as our distinct identity and history makes us totally different from India and so un-mixable as ‘Oil and water’. Therefore, when the GoI try to impose any suppressive policy which is allergic to Manipuris, the Manipuri people rise up and oppose with mass struggle; as we have seen in the past. It is bound to happen, it added.
Highlighting present situation in Manipur, the Central Committee said that the ongoing Manipur-India conflict is passing through a critical phase and the fate of Manipur nation is very critical too. "As the Indian rule is strangulating all our masses, keeping them politically and economically subjugated for such a long time, people of Manipur have become more and more dependent to India. The long suppression upon lives of Manipuri by Indian regime has taken a heavy toll on the collective life and Manipuri society have been degenerated to such a point that we are losing our national pride and self-esteem. The number of people having slave mentality is increasing within the society and they even started advocating that without depending on India, survival and development of Manipur will be impossible and these people less care whether our culture, identity and nation or indigenous peoples survive or not as long as their individual interest is served. "
On the other hand, revolutionary parties who are committed to free the oppressed people of Manipur from the Indian regime are lacking to give our people a clear vision of a liberated, emancipated and transformed life as they could not unite themselves and formulate a concrete strategic step of the liberation struggle against the common enemy, India, so as to fructify it, UNLF noted.
It pointed out that those groups which are founded, and working on ethnic lines and having hill-valley outlook need to do a soul-searching retrospection. Instead of deeply understanding and chalking out a common path for struggle against the common enemy, the groups are working in different ways, on their own individual capacity and this baffles the masses and the struggle could not progress forward with concrete strategic step to give an impetus to our liberation, the Central Committee said.
Above all, the most important factor that is separating the revolutionaries from the common masses is the failing of the struggle to be the life support of the day-to-day fight for survival of the common people. This should be taken as the weakness of policy and principle on the part of revolutionary groups. And the problem or weakness in the practical front is the inability to overcome today’s complicated situation; and to device a formula, a way-out to unify all revolutionary groups irrespective of hills and plains. If this situation is not controlled as soon as possible, our struggle will be in danger as no movement without the support of the people is bound to suffer. This should be the God-speak for our revolutionaries, the Central Committee said.
The Committee also expressed regret and sought forgiveness for any mistakes that the outfit committed in the past while discharging revolutionary duties. Though UNLF has different specific plans for the working class, the same could not be implemented to the desired level because of more pressing political issues which cropped up now and then due to India’s suppressive designs. And hence, the party’s activities still could not ring out a message that it stands firm for the peasants and all working classes subjugated by the Indian regime, the statement conveyed.
The outfit also extended revolutionary greetings to all the oppressed people of WESEA who are suffering for long under the "suppressive" Indian regime.
On the occasion, Central Committee of the outfit also offered revolutionary salute to the founder leaders, party cadres, brave fighters who laid down their lives for the national struggle and civilians who have been killed by security forces.

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