Green world, aid to poor drive E-Maheikhol

IMPHAL, 22nd Nov: Contributing at least to some extent in the global efforts of protecting environment and providing assistance to poor students at the same time are the ideas that fuel the new venture of E-Maheikhol in the state.
Speaking to The People’s Chronicle, E-Maheikhol co-founder Khogendro Lairenlakpam, a science graduate from Delhi University, pointed out how paper wastage contributes to degeneration of the natural environment as more demand for paper would mean increasing exploitation of woods and bamboos. Though everybody knows that papers are made from wood or bamboo pulps, not everyone think how their little habits of wasting papers are taking toll on the natural environment.
On the other hand, there are still thousands of students from poor families who could not afford textbooks for their schooling. At the same time, many old textbooks are lying unused in almost every house which would eventually go to the soil. There was a time when old school textbooks were sold at half price to others in the locality but that time has gone. Keeping in view of these situations, E-Maheikhol has come up with the idea of collecting old unused textbooks and notebooks, and then provide them to poor families or recycle the waste papers as a solution to both the problems, he said.
Khogendro informed that group conceived the idea during a gathering at the home of one of their friends Ayaorei Shinglei in Ukhrul earlier this year. There were five of them and Kishan Lairenlakpam came up with the idea to collect old textbooks and provide them to poor students. As they set off on their venture, two of them left, leaving the venture to only three partners. At present, Ayaorei Shinglei is busy developing official website of the venture.
The main objective of the venture is to collect donated books of every kind ranging from textbooks for class nursery to higher level as well as outer reference materials. They refurbish the donated books and attach tags with names of the donors before handing over the same to poor students or schools in interior parts of the state, Khogendro said. He also said that one can sell their old books to them and they will sell the same at discounted price after refurbishing.
On the other-hand, Kishan said that they will start accepting old notebooks and make compilations of important notes so that the same could be provided to needy students as study materials. So far, they have conducted awareness programmes at five schools and they got positive responses.
Regarding the stall they are running at the Sangai Festival venue at Hapta Kangjeibung, he informed that they came across a media report regarding the desire of the tourism director for a similar initiative and met the director. As they presented their ideas to the director, the latter entrusted them to run the store, he added.
The group received more than 50 books on the first day of the festival and expect the number to pick up pace in the coming days. Even if one could not bring books at the festival venue, one can always come to the office of E-Maheikhol at Lairikyengbam Leikai and donate their books or notebooks. At the same time, one can also contact them through their websites or for arranging a pickup in case of bulk donation, Kishan said.
He further informed that JNS Venture Private Limited, Thangmeiband is promoting their new venture.

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