Robert Naorem draws huge applauses at Australia event

IMPHAL, 21st Nov: Eco Friendly Week Australia Runaway Night Day 4 was held on the theme ‘The EFWA UpCycling Challenge by Robert Naorem’ on November 19.
The collection for Robert Naorem’s grand finale included fashion archaeology inspired by the history and pride of Manipur especially the ‘Inaphi’ motif as well as drawn from unique handmade or recycled shirts.
Robert made a statement showing signature originality to make lasting impressions. His strong design aesthetic conveyed emotions, tradition, culture and beauty of hand loom textiles, organic silks and cottons hand woven by artisanal craft persons from Manipur. Design features included intricate embroidery, standout quality and bold colours. His designs have the motifs of Sangai, Kangla sha, Pung cholom, Meitei Mayek and Nongin.
The music was based on Manipuri folk songs.
Robert Naorem said: “Global warming has been one of the problems of human existence. It is responsibility of every single person to contribute towards environmental issues and I belief in not wasting product, so try to use and incorporate all my fabric. The fabrics I choose can also be re-designed and used in many different ways. More than just design, my work is about the emotions, the traditions, the culture, and the beauty of the weavers of handloom textiles from the small state Manipur, in a remote corner of India”.
The second edition of Eco Fashion Week Australia (EFWA) expanded to two states in November, 2018. The week-long events featured local and 24 international designers who practice sustainable, local and ethical production, either by recycling or upcycling, or by using organic and natural materials which do not leave a carbon footprint or use or create traditional hand-crafted textiles, use environment friendly fabrics (organic cotton, wool, alpaca, hemp, bamboo, silk) and follows strict rules not to use fur and any animal parts. The events were held at Port Douglas (Queensland) from November 4-10 and Perth (Western Australia) from November 15-21.
According to a statement, the fashion fraternity and high profile fashion crowd of Australia witnessed the shows, which also regenerated positive feedbacks from the crowd as well as huge media coverage.

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