NSCN-K led by Khango not averse to hold talks


DIMAPUR, 13th Nov: NSCN-K led by Khango Konyak has expressed its willingness to resume ceasefire with the government of India. According to local newspapers based in Dimapur, the Khango faction expressed this through a press release on Monday. In order to pursue the Naga political issue the outfit wanted to resume the ceasefire, the Khango led NSCN-K said. The reports then said that the NSCN-K faction expressed this in response to the appeal of the Government of India, the state government and Naga people. According to the NSCN-K faction, the government of India has through Nagaland Gaon Bura Federation (NGBF) and Naga Mothers’ Association (NMA) responded positively stating that the government is more than happy to have NSCN return to peace as it was NSCN-K who had unilaterally walked out of ceasefire. The Khango faction then said that “certain sections of Nagas either out of ignorance or vested interest seem to be misinterpreting the ongoing peace initiative between NSCN and Government of India being mediated by various Naga frontal organisations including NMA and NGBF.” It then added by saying, “It is extremely biased and detrimental to peace that certain individual leaders and groups have been found to be trying to legitimise the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment”. Meanwhile,the Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) said that the decision of Khango-led NSCN-K to re-enter into ceasefire with the Government of India, as announced in public domain, is indeed a positive development. “As much as there is time for confrontations, here is the reason for the Nagas to unite in the quest for peace,” the NTC said, adding, “such decision to resume ceasefire with the Government of India is a matter of respecting the general sentiment of the Nagas’ desire for genuine and lasting peace in our lands”. The NTC said it “sincerely welcomes the NSCN-K headed by Khango and appreciates the right decision at the right time”. The NTC then appealed to the NSCN-K to leave behind “bad memories” and whole heartedly pursue the process of peace with confidence knowing that the Naga people stand for peace makers. NTC also said it “believes that the Government of India will be magnanimous to show its sense of recognition and respect for the offer of Khango group so announced”.
It further stated that it has been harping on inclusive and peaceful negotiations all these years.
“The present development is an opportunity to bring all the Nagas on board for the purpose of paving ways for peace to return to our lands. The NTC, therefore, urges upon the Government of India to give due response on time in the interest of the Nagas in particular and of the country in general.”

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