Public mindset need to change first: SP Imphal East


IMPHAL, 11th Nov: People of Manipur often accuse police of being corrupt and allege indulgence in illegal activities but the mindset of the people and parents of youth need to be changed first before bringing an end to the popular call for reforming the state police force. This was stated by SP (Imphal East) K Meghachandra while addressing the gathering of a Ningol Chakkouba celebration event organised by the district police at Porompat Sunday. In his address during the festive gathering of around 500 women, K Meghachandra said that people of Manipur are voicing concern over moral of police personnel but it is a point to be discussed that police personnel too are members of the same society. Apart from this, the mindset of parents in sending their educationally weak and loose children to police force is still prevalent. Parents never think about consequences of their educationally weak and wayward children when they join police force and tend to take law in their own hands. It would be hard to reform police force as long as majority of the parents in Manipuri society possess such mindset, the officer maintained and cited it as the main reason for tarnishing image of the entire police force. Hence, it is necessary to change mindset of parents before reforming police force, Meghachandra observed. Nevertheless, the SP appealed to public to inform district police whenever police personnel are found involved in illegal activities or breach law. According to Meghachandra, Imphal East district police has around 3,000 personnel and they are deployed at different places of the district during festivals to maintain law & order and serve the people. Police could not perform any tasks without the help and support of the people, he conceded, and appealed to all concerned to pin-point mistakes, if any, of the police so as to rectify the errors in time. Reforming police force needs support of the people, he maintained. The event was attended by around 500 women including leaders of various Meira Paibi organisations and various communities. Some Meira Paibi leaders expressed hope that organising such events every year would help in bridging the gap between police and public. Apart from a grand feast, around 500 women were presented with simple gifts during the event.

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