Muslim CSOs censure Oct 31 strike call by UNC

IMPHAL, 27th Oct: Reacting against the proposed general strike of UNC on October 31, which coincides with UCM’s mass rally for unity, Manipur Muslim Welfare Organisation (MMWO), All Manipur Pangal Farmers’ Development Organisation and Muslim Council Manipur have categorically stated that the general strike will not bring any positive result in the society.
Addressing a press conference jointly organised by the three Muslim CSOs at MMWO office here on Saturday, MMWO president Abdullah Pathan said that the general strike of UNC, which appears to be a counter act against the unity rally being spearheaded by UCM on October 31, has the potential to create rift in the fabric of unity and integrity of the state. MMWO and other Muslim CSOs do not have the right or authority to stop it but at the same time they also condemn such actions.
He said that all communities in the state warmly welcome solution to the Indo-Naga political talks and they will have no objection even if Centre sanctions huge fund or grant sovereignty to Nagaland. However, the only thing that the people of the state are objecting is against affecting the integrity and unity of Manipur including administrative integrity. MMWO and Muslim CSOs will always stand for the unity and integrity of Manipur, he affirmed.
Maintaining that it is the responsibility of people of the state to stand united and fight against any threat to the state, he also appealed to people of all communities residing in the state to participate in the unity rally. He further said that minor unwanted incidents might occur at times as the state is like a big family but one should never hold grudge against one another and remain united like brothers.

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