KKL demands white paper on Kangla master plan

IMPHAL, 25th Oct: Expressing concern that the ongoing construction of a Raas Leela Mandop at Kangla may cause a huge controversy, Kangleipak Kangba Lup (KKL) advisor Yambem Laba has demanded the state government to produce a white paper on the master plan that was sketched in presence of Kangla Fort Board, Central government officials and architectural experts in 2004, with regard to all construction works to be taken up at Kangla.

Speaking at Manipur Press Club here Thursday, Yambem Laba cautioned that a huge uproar might erupt due to the ongoing construction work of a Raas Leela Mandop inside Kangla. Kangla is a sanctum sanctorum for Sanamahi followers. Thus, it would be better if both the present and previous governments stop blaming each other and instead try to bring about the truth in the matter, he stated.

Recalling the time when Kangla was handed over to the people of Manipur in 2004, Laba said that Kangla Fort Board was subsequently established and a master plan for all works to be taken up at Kangla was drawn up in the presence of Central officials and state architectural experts. It is now time for the government to produce the blue prints and master plan that was sketched at that time, he contended.

Maintaining that there is no issue if the Mandop under construction was included in the 2004 master plan, the advisor, however, asserted that another name should be given to the structure instead of Raas Leela Mandop. Nevertheless, if there is no mention of the Mandop in the master plan, it would lead to a huge issue, which must not be taken lightly, he remarked. Laba then urged Congress party to clarify on the matter at the earliest and further appealed to the ruling government to produce a white paper on the master plan so as to put all concerns to rest.

Regarding the warning issued by Thadou Students’ Association that Meeteis cannot reside near Moreh Kundong Lairembi, Laba said that the statements issued by people who had settled in the area only in 1993 cannot be taken into context as there is no restriction in the sacred Puyas on Meetei community from residing near Kundong Lairembi. Such people need to undergo an in-depth reading of Manipuri history, he added.

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