Success with a message

THERE might be many others whose tales of experiencing extreme hardships in preparing for the higher secondary examination have gone untold unlike that of commerce stream fourth position holder Thounaojam Loyangamba and Chinglemba Chingtham, who secured the 11th position in science stream. However, the duo scoring excellent marks in the said examinations, in-spite of serious economic adversities besetting their families, testified that above everything else it is the steely resolve and hard-work by the individual candidates which ultimately decides the final outcome in any form of competition. The mental pressure these two students might have endured in preparing for one of the most crucial tests of their academic career could be comprehended from the fact that Loyangamba used to blend his studies with working as part-time construction worker while Chinglemba’s parents could not afford to provide him reading materials or even uniforms during his schooling days. Fortunately, Chinglemba had noble-minded seniors in his locality who took notice about the abject poverty of the Chingtham family and preserved their books as well as uniforms for the academically devout youngster. Such humane gesture of the locals must have lightened burden of Chinglemba and helped him focusing on studies. With both coming out with flying colours in the HSE 2017 and their toil held in high esteem by various organisations, some of which assured fullest cooperation and assistance in pursuing higher studies should boost morale of these meritorious students in living up to the expectation of the society.
Pursuing education in Manipur, the valley pockets in particular, has always been a daunting task on account of frequent disruptions caused to academic activities by the so-called public movement. It is even more arduous for those students belonging to economically underprivileged families, as making up for loss of vital classes due to shut-down of schools/colleges by taking private tuitions is beyond their ambit. Regardless of campaigns by various organisations for disruption-free academic activities the objective still remains far-fetched for the future pillars of the society are often deprived of their fundamental rights as agitation callers seem to be helpless without the involvement of the students. Almost all agitations affect both government and private educational institutions as school authorities are unwilling to take the risk of defying ‘directive’ issued by the agitators for mass participation. On account of the devil-may-care attitude of such self-acclaimed people’s organisations it has been rare in Manipur for educational institutions to function smoothly for the whole calendar year. Thus, achievements of Loyangamba and Chinglemba, amid prevailing distressful social scenario and overcoming impoverishment, are even more commendable and their success should be an eye opener for those students who assume that financial well-being of their parents, studying in private schools and taking private tuitions are the decisive factors to shape their future.

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