MUSU, Joy lash out at Prof Yugindro; MU row worries HC

IMPHAL,5th Oct: Manipur University Students’ Union (MUSU) and veteran politician Okram Joy Singh vehemently condemned vice-chancellor in-charge Prof K Yugindro over the latter's disparaging statements against Governor Dr Najma Heptulla and chief minister N Biren even as the High Court of Manipur announced that it would take over administration of the varsity in case the stalemate continues.

MUSU general secretary Laishram Kenedy categorically stated that Prof Yugindro has proven himself to be as guilty as Professor AP Pandey, as per the statement he (Yugindro) submitted to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) on October 3. He further said that the VC in-charge has presented both the Governor and the Chief Minister, who have been working hard to restore normalcy in the varsity, as sympathisers of ‘terrorist group”.

The general secretary made the statements during a chat with this daily in connection with the letter submitted by Prof Yugindro to MHRD requesting Y-Category security protection so as to save the university from the 'terrorist-like' agitators and to protect/prevent him from facing the same situation that Prof AP Pandey had faced.

Accusing Prof Yugindro of feeding false information to the Ministry, Kenedy said that the security forces were pulled out from the university campus so as to restore normalcy in the varsity and for initiation of talks with the government. As a result, arbitrary harassments and arrests of students also came to a stop, he added.

However, it seems the VC in-charge does not want normalcy in the university, as evidently indicated in the letter sent to MHRD. In addition, the letter says that the U-turn stand of the state government has threatened the atmosphere in the varsity. This is a clear-cut disrespect to the steps taken up by the CM to resolve the issue, Kenedy observed.

Apart from terming the entire MU community, who have been working endlessly to save the university, as terrorist-like agitators; the letter also accused Governor Dr Najma Heptulla, who is the chief rector of the university, to be in favour of the agitators. Thus, Prof Yugindro has basically accused the Governor to be a supporter of ‘terrorists”, the general secretary remarked.

Kenedy then stated that there are no reasons to deny that the VC in-charge is not anti-social. “If Prof Yugindro is not anti-social, then are both the Governor and the CM anti-socials? Will the government take no action against the VC in-charge even at this juncture?” the general secretary questioned.

On top of this, the letter further says that the agitators are working in close association with a parallel authority. Prof Yugindro must clarify who or what is this parallel authority that he had mentioned, since there is no parallel authority for MUSU other than MU authority, Kenedy stated.

Alleging that the attempt made by Prof Yugindro to avail security protection under Y-category indicates that he is as guilty as Prof Pandey, Kenedy accused the VC in-charge of trying to enforce the false statements said in the Parliament alleging that MU is a hot-bed for insurgent activities. His action is not only a disrespect to the MU community but also to the people of the state, the secretary general maintained.

Thus, both Prof K Yugindro and Prof M Shyamkesho are actively promoting the agenda of Prof AP Pandey to cause the end of MU and to destroy the careers of many students, Kenedy alleged. MUSU president Mayanglambam Dayaman questioned what action the state government is going to take up against Prof Yugindro for humiliating the Governor and disrespecting the Chief Minister. Dayaman said that the letter submitted by Prof K Yugindro had exaggerated the situation at MU.

Although the state government suspended its earlier actions to arrest students and teachers and chose to restore normalcy through dialogue, the VC in-charge has made disturbing statements that will affect the normalcy in the varsity. “It is the belief of everyone that varsity will return to normalcy following the dialogue process”, Dayaman asserted.
Though normalcy briefly returned in MU the situation was aggravated by the VC in-charge, when he came to assume charge on September 20. Yugindro filed an FIR that led to the midnight raid at hostels wherein many students and teachers were arrested, Dayaman recounted.
Following the raid, the state government deployed large number of security forces in the university but later withdrew the forces to initiate talks for restoration of normalcy in MU. However, it is shocking that Prof Yugindro has accused the government of making a U-Turn, when he is the one responsible for disturbing normalcy in the varsity, thus affecting careers of many students, Dayaman alleged.
Questioning what risk Prof Yugindro is facing to his life, as he had stated in the letter, the MUSU president said that there are no evidences to support his allegation that he was threatened on September 20. As such, his request for security protection under Y-Category is suspicious as this indicates that he must have done something wrong to feel the need for security protection, Dayaman added.
Stating that MUSU had taken the responsibility to get rid the University from all dirty “laundries” in the interest of the students, Dayaman asserted that the University is only heading downwards ever since the VC in-charge took charge.
“It would be unwise to hand over the university to a person who is behaving like a mentally ill patient”, Dayaman stated and appealed to the central and state governments to take up requisite steps and save Manipur University. He further appealed to the people to take a firm resolution on the same.
Meanwhile, voicing deep concern over protracted derailment of administrative and academic activities in Manipur University, the High Court of Manipur has declared it would step in if authorities concerned fail to bring practical solution to the impasse within October 11.
The court made the announcement on Friday during the hearing of a PIL (No. 49 of 2018) filed by one Chongtham Nimai before the Division Bench of justices N Koteswar Singh and Kh Nobin Singh.
It also took serious note over the failure to submit suggestions by different petitioners/respondents, including suspended Vice Chancellor Prof AP Pandey, Union of India, Government of Manipur, MU authorities and associations of MU students and teachers as directed by the same bench on October 1. The Division Bench observed: “It is a fact, not disputed by anybody, that the university has been dysfunctional for the last about 90 days and it is in the interest of the students who have been mostly affected adversely as the academic calendar has been thrown into disarray without regular classes, delay in declaration of examination result, admission process, etc.”
Along with pointing out that the present problem is fallout of mismanagement of the university but the students are made to suffer, the court took critical note that in-spite of authorities having initiated certain steps for bringing solution to the crisis “these steps do not seem to have any positive effect and the crisis continues”.
Reiterating its directive to all respondents and authorities concerned either to work out a solution among them or provide suggestions to the court for practical solution to the issue within October 11, the bench affirmed that in case of failure to end the crisis the Court will be compelled to take the unprecedented decision of interfering in the affairs and management of the university.
In a sitting on October 1, the bench had directed respondents concerned to suggest ways and means for resolving the crisis besieging Manipur University.
The same order also explained that the Court had so far refrained from passing any judgment for direct interference in the management of the university in the hope and expectation that authorities concerned, who are primarily responsible to manage the affairs, would come up with certain feasible and practical solution to the problem.
Meanwhile, veteran politician O Joy Singh has condemned the report of professor Yugindro that alleged the Governor of supporting a ‘terrorist group’ in connection with MU row.
Addressing media persons at his Kakwa residence Friday, Joy said that heavy deployment of security forces in MU campus since the midnight raid on September 20 was reduced during the past few days as per understanding reached between state government and MU community. The step taken by state government somehow managed to subside tension in the university campus.
However, a report submitted by VC in-charge professor Yugindro to the MHRD on October 3 mentioned that the state government’s step caused threat to normalcy in the university campus and some MUSU students threatened some officials of the varsity. The report also sought attention of the Union ministry on ‘terrorist’ like agitators who are trying to uproot the university and attempt made for running a pararrel authority in the varsity.
Professor Yugindro’s report also mentioned about Governor Najma Heptulla’s opposition to his appointment and even alleged the head of the state of supporting ‘terrorist’ like agitators and demanded ‘Y’ category security cover while citing that his life is in risk, Joy noted and termed the VC in-charge’s report as very unfortunate.
Professor Yugindro had submitted a report to MHRD highlighting alarming situation in Manipur University after Manipur government removed security forces from MU campus except administration block and demanded Y-category security cover. Yugindro’s report sought immediate immediate intervention from the Centre to resolve the crisis and also charged Dr Heptulla of questioning his appointment and even alleged the head of the state of supporting agitators who he termed as ‘terrorists-like’.
According to O Joy, making unfounded allegation against the Governor even by mentioning name by an individual like professor Yugindro was first such mockery in the history of Manipur. As per Indian Constitution, no citizens of the country can hurl charges against the President and the Governor, he said and condemned professor Yugindro’sact of totally disregarding the Indian Constitution.
Recalling how the crisis at MU persists even today, he said that a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed between MU community, MHRD and Manipur government on August 16 after 85 days of relentless agitation from May 30 demanding removal of now suspended VC professor AP Pandey.The MOA also agreed that a two-member enquiry committee led by retired acting justice T Nandakumar will probe allegations against professor Pandey and the VC will remain on leave till submission of the inquiry report and action taken thereof.
After signing the MOA, normalcy in MU returned from August 23 after MHRD appointed professor W Vishwanath as VC in-charge who then appointed professor Dorendrajit as registrar. However, the hard earned normalcy was disturbed when professor AP Pandey, who was on leave, submitted a letter on September 1 resuming duty as VC which created another chaos in MU campus and the MHRD issued an order on September 3 extending Pandey’s leave period. However, professor AP Pandey issued an order on September 10 appointing professor Yugindro as pro-VC and Pandey was later suspended with the approval of the visitor of MU on September 17.
Normalcy in MU campus was totally distorted when professor Yugindro along with his security escort went to take charge on September 20 and on the same night a large team of Manipur police raided MU campus and many students and teachers were arrested after professor Yugindro filed an FIR at Singjamei police. In the subsequent agitation against the police crackdown like bandh and other intense forms of stir, activities in MU remained suspended totally till date. However, professor Yugindro’s statement to media that he did not file any report at police and had only given names of some agitating students and teachers to the chief minister has confused everyone.Profesor Yugindro also clearly stated before media that the CM made complaint to police. However, the chief minister insisted that arrest of students and teachers was based on the FIR filed by professor Yugindro, O Joy said, adding people of the state are more confused over this seemingly conspiracy to frame charges against arrested students and teachers.

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