KNO Prez threatens to take up arms

IMPHAL,13th Sep: The 25th Kuki Black (Sahnit-Ni) Day observance, that had been going on since September 11 under the theme, “Justice to victims of Kuki Genocide” concluded at Kuki Inpi Churachandpur complex, Tuibong on Thursday.

In his address at the valedictory function, Kuki National Organisation (KNO) president PS Haokip remarked that the Kuki community is ready to take up arms again if their demands are not fulfilled. PS Haokip cautioned that the Kuki Community will be compelled to take to violent recourse by violating the Suspension of Operation (SoO) agreement if justice is not served to the community whose 1157 people were brutally murdered; 350 villages ransacked and destroyed, while more than 1 lakh Kukis were forced to become refugees after NSCN-IM cadres led by Th Muivah got greedy with land expansion.

He further said that KNO does not desire the demand for Territorial Council that is included in the talks with the Central government. However, KNO agreed with the demands out of respect to UPF, which had given the demand a nod at the beginning of the talks. Nonetheless, KNO and UPF still have separate approaches to the issue, he added.

Although the talks were often delayed during the reign of Congress party, the present BJP-led government has been proactive in holding the talks in timely manner, PS Haokip said. The government has even appointed an interlocutor who has been hearing the arguments from both sides.

KNO and UPF are also in process of drafting a 45-point charter of demands on behalf of Kuki community and would be submitting the same at the next meeting with the government, he conveyed. Denouncing lack of action on part of the Government against Th Muivah, who he said, is responsible for the loss of many Kuki lives and the dissertation of many Kuki villages, the KNO president said that the Kukis' demand for a Kuki state is justified, as the present situation does not guarantee any security for the Kuki community.

He then maintained that the observance was not held to incite communal hatred but is part of the Kuki community. The community has grown tired of the government’s lackadaisical attitude, Haokip remarked, while cautioning that the community will take up arms again if the government fails to honour the 45-point charter of demands that will be submitted in the next meeting.

Clarifying that the 25-year long observance has never been against the Naga people, the president stated that it is meant to seek answers from Th Muivah and the NSCN-IM cadres who did not think twice before murdering innocent women and children.

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