Mechanical failure shuts down solid waste management plant

IMPHAL, 27th April: For the past one week, the solid waste management plant at Lamdeng, which has been processing waste products collected from in and around Imphal city and converting them into organic manure, has been forced to shut down following mechanical failure. Speaking to The People’s Chronicle, operation manager of the plant RK Madhurjit informed that the plant began operation on trial basis in 2014 even though it has not been inaugurated formally so far. However, the plant began regular functioning since December last year after its operation was entrusted to Eco Care Private Limited, an Ahmedabad based company.

                 Unfortunately, the trommel machine at the refinement section of the plant developed some fault recently and forced the plant to shut down for the past one week. Though the authority of the plant has informed the manufacturer of the machine at Indore, there has been no information on when the company would be sending its mechanics to repair it, he added.

                 Madhurjit explained that the plant has a single compose pad measuring an area of 107.5 x 84 metres, where garbage are deposited. The compose pad has a capacity of holding only 100 metric tonnes of garbage a day. Garbage collectors are allowed to dump waste materials at the plant from 7 am till 2.30 pm. The waste materials are then segregated of glass pieces and other non-degradable materials like plastics manually by workers, after which, the sorted waste materials are soaked in a microbial solution for decomposing and the whole process takes about three hours. Such process compels the plant to not accept waste materials after 2.30 pm. The plant is functioning single shift of eight hours a day. These decomposed waste materials are then transferred to the refinement section, where they are shredded down to powdery form and produced as organic manure after processing.

                 The manure are packed and sent out for sale at the rate of Rs 8 per kilogram. However, there is not much demand of these organic manure in the market since it is comparatively a new product, the manager confided. Increasing the capacity of the decomposed pad would facilitate increase intake of waste materials, he said, while adding that they take proper precautions to avoid unwanted pollution of the nearby soils and water bodies from the waste materials.

                Meanwhile, non-functioning of the plant has created inconveniences to garbage collectors in Imphal municipal areas as they could not find place to dump the waste materials. Moreover, the collectors are facing inconvenience on account of the existing intake capacity of the plant as they could unload only one load in a day.                 

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