Prahlad likens Bhabananda's RS poll triumph as gift to Modi Govt

IMPHAL, 27th May: The Manipur government has presented one MP as gift to Prime Minister Narendra Modi led NDA government as it completes 3 years’ of rule in India, thereby increasing the number of BJP MPs in the Parliament, BJP Manipur in-charge Prahlad Singh Patel has stated. Addressing media persons at the Nityaipat Chuthek office of BJP Manipur Pradesh on Saturday, Prahlad expressed happiness increasing the tally of BJP MP and said that now that Manipur has a BJP representative in the Rajya Sabha, and the state government is also ruled by the BJP, it will give an opportunity to highlight all grievances and developmental issues at the central level effectively.

Stating that the Prime Minister has been taking up various welfare programmes, he said the scheme to construct houses for the homeless was supposed to be based on reports of the 2011 economic survey. However, since the said report is very old, the government has decided to implement the scheme on the basis of the upcoming 2018 survey report for which all arrangements have been made.

Prahlad also informed that electrification process and ensuring availability of drinking water across the nation have been taken up. In addition to developing national highways to enhance connectivity, the central government has also taken up initiatives to construct railway lines all over north eastern states. BJP will continue to work for the welfare and betterment of the people and make sure that different schemes for the poor are taken up so as to improve their living condition, the BJP leader assured, while appealing to the people to extend support in achieving the same.

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