Nagas recall horror of Operation Bluebird

SENAPATI, 9th July: Naga people of the state observed the 31st anniversary of Operation Bluebird on Monday at Vakho village in Senapati district. The event was organised by Naga Peoples’ Movement for Human Rights (NPMHR) and hosted by Poumai Naga Union (PNU) to mark the infamous Operation Bluebird and also to show solidarity with the ‘brave hearts’ of Oinam Hill village and 30 other neighbouring villages affected by the infamous Operation Bluebird.

On July 9, 1987, the 21 Assam Rifles outpost at Oinam Hill village was attacked by undergrounds. Following the incident, security forces carried out an extensive combing operation from July 11, 1987 under the codename Operation Bluebird. The military operation that lasted about six months affected more than 30 villages in and around Oinam Hill village in Senapati district.

NPMHR in its petition to the Gauhati High Court charged that there were several cases of gross human rights violations committed by security forces on the innocent villagers. Speaking on the occasion, NPMHR secretary general Neingulo Krome recalled that he was the coordinator of NPHMR-Kohima sector at that time. He drafted as memorandum and sent it to the then Prime Minister of India. He suggested that Naga history could be drawn into pre and post Oinam incident because of the well documentation and publication of case documents through Coordinating Committee on Oinam Issue (COCOI).

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