Thorny issues at the Government’s doorstep

Putting continuous efforts to remove the emotional and developmental gaps amongst various communities of the state, focusing on inclusive and harmonious development and implementing citizen-centric and corruption-free policies, to name a few, have been the hall-mark of the BJP-led government in Manipur. After taking over power last year the new entity has been fairly successful in reducing the grievances and problems faced by the people and enthusing the commoners to believe that better days are ahead. Regular and structured interactions with the public on the crowd-pulling platforms of Meeyamgi Numit and Hill Leaders’ Day to the recently launched ‘Go to Village’ mission are the other notable features of the government as all these policies are designed to reach out to the state’s masses and showcase to them that this government has firm commitment to maintain transparency and good governance. The fortnight long inauguration of nearly 100 projects to commemorate its first anniversary some months back also demonstrated that the new regime is firmly focused towards delivering what it promised to the people at the nascent stages of the government’s formation. From undertaking infrastructure development projects to introducing stringent laws or taking bold actions for eradication of corruption and provide efficient and transparent governance, the N Biren-headed government has truly done a commendable job that has lifted the spirit of the commoners. That total revenue of Rs 831 crore was collected for the year 2017-18; an increase of Rs 245 crore from the previous fiscal was another achievement for the new government, which literally started its term in office by ending the record-breaking blockade enforced on the two lifelines of Manipur.

Furthermore, the government has initiated a number of campaigns and programmes that target all community segments and create a better understanding for those with special needs through introduction of welfare schemes. Under the strong belief that no one should be left behind, the government has been working its way to fully integrate the common people and give the impression that the state is keen to empower the people. But heading into its second year of governance, the government is certainly feeling the heat of what it takes to govern in a multi-ethnic restive state like Manipur. For instance, the Manipur University imbroglio over the demand for ousting the incumbent vice chancellor; public rage over alleged incursion by Myanmar in Manipur sector of the Indo-Myanmar border; the recent eviction drive at Awaching exposing the grim reality of ‘outsiders’ stealthily entering and nonchalantly settling in the state; consensus eluding the issue of creation of new districts; protracted demand for enacting a law to regulate the entry of non-locals; increasing cases of drug peddling, etc., are some issues which are obvious to be giving the government sleepless nights. However, the prevailing distressful situations should not dishearten the new regime, the chief minister in particular, as the issues could be converted into an opportunity to look ahead and plan for even more betterment of the state and get the people involved in striding towards an era of social stability and economic prosperity. For long, people of Manipur have almost always been provoked with one issue or the other and as such the government cannot afford to ignore any issue that matters to the public.

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