Bad road along Industry office a cause of concern

IMPHAL, 5th June: The prolonged absence of repair work along the road stretch from DC Complex, Lamphelpat to Industries Office and leading towards RIMS Mortuary has become a major cause of inconvenience for the people commuting on the said road. Although many important government offices and institutes such as Directorate of Commerce and Industries, DIS Imphal West, Institute of Cooperative Management (ICM), Registrar Cooperative Society, NG College, etc. are present along the road, it has remained unrepaired till date. As the said road is heavily commuted by both staffers of government offices and students of educational institutes, employees of the office conveyed that the said stretch of the road has many potholes which easily become waterlogged during monsoon season, while dust wreaks havoc during dry season. The staffers then appealed to the deputy chief Minister Y Joykumar, who is the representative of the constituency and the authorities concerned to look into the matter as soon as possible.

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