Six non-locals pulled up, transporter banned

Volunteers of JCILPS Students’ Wing rounded up six non-locals, who do not possess valid identification documents from North AOC on Monday. A passenger Cruiser vehicle has been banned for one month for bringing in the non-locals against the appeal of the committee.
Informing this to media persons at the committee’s office here on Monday, JCILPS-SW convener S Manjit said that passenger service providers were appealed not to bring in non-locals without proper documents. Despite such repeated appeals, the passenger cruiser vehicle bearing registration number MN0SC 3497 brought in six non-locals, who do not possess valid identification documents.
On receiving the information, a team of JCILPS-SW volunteers went to Sekmai and waited for the vehicle. However, the non-locals got off at Sekmai and came to Imphal in a bus plying between Kangpokpi and Imphal. Later, they were intercepted at North AOC by some other volunteers. Upon checking, they found invalid cards and EPIC without hologram, he said.
Manjit informed that JCILPS volunteers, who are “into their job” detecting non-locals entering without ID proofs or with fake documents, could have so far detected over 300 migrant workers who infiltrated into the state. Manjit claimed that the JCILPS volunteers had sent back these migrant workers who were without proper ID proofs or documents.
Among the six migrant workers, one had produced an ID card issued by a company but the validity had expired in 2015.
According to the convener, most of the migrant workers make fake documents/fake ID proofs in Tripura and Assam and contended that most of the migrant workers without proper ID proofs/documents who had infiltrated Manipur were from Bangladesh and Myanmar.
“The influx of migrant workers into the state is creating lots of problems in economy, unemployment and increasing cases of crime,” Manjit said and appealed to the transporters not to bring non-locals or migrant workers who do not possess genuine ID proofs/documents. The JCILPS also appealed the government to take up necessary measures in this regard even before the tabling of the ILPS Bill in the coming assembly session.
Conveying about the decision of the committee to ban passenger vehicle service provider for one month on the charge of acting against the appeal of the committee and people of the state, he said that they will hand over the non-locals to the authority concerned.
Manjit further said that such non-locals, who have no proper identification documents, often commit crimes in the state, and police are not able to track down and arrest them since they come with fake identities. Considering the gravity of the situation, state police should take up effective measures to check entry of such persons in the state, he demanded.
Regarding the steps of JCILPS against the entry of non-locals, he said that the committee is not against non-locals from entering the state. They are only asking them to come with proper identification documents, he said. He further said that JCILPS and people of the state are not acting against any community.
Manjit also lamented over alleged failure to properly verify identity cards of non-locals by police at check posts, by interstate bus and winger service providers at the ticket counters and pointed out such failure has led to dramatic rise of non-local population in the state. On Friday too, the students' wing volunteers detained four non-locals who entered the state with dubious identity cards at North AOC. The JCILPS had made it clear that the government should adopt a definite stand on the issue of unrestrained entry of non-locals into the state along with expressing serious concern over large numbers of migrant workers found using forged voter cards, Aadhaar and other identification cards for entering Manipur. The JCLIPS, which has been spearheading the public movement for implementing inner line permit system of a similar mechanism to regulate entry of non-locals had also appealed to landlords to verify antecedants of non-Manipuris before allowing to stay in rented quarters.
It be mentioned that chief minister N Biren had on Saturday assured to table a bill in the upcoming monsoon session of the state assembly for constitutional safeguard of the indigenous communities settling in Manipur.

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