JAC urged to rope in political parties on hospital issue

Shiv Sena and Manipur State Council Communist Party of India (MSC/CPI) have said that the Joint Action Committee (JAC) against the Unnatural Shifting of District Hospital, Imphal East from Sagolmang needs to gather all political parties and hold a meeting to help resolve the issue surrounding shifting of the hospital site.
Shiv Sena president M Tombi and MSC/CPI state secretary L Sontinkumar echoed the same thing while participating in a sit-in-protest organised by the JAC and womenfolk of Sagolmang area at Sagolmang Bazar community hall on Sunday.
Speaking to media on the sidelines of the protest, Shiv Sena Manipur Unit president M Tombi recalled that health minister L Jayantakumar had stated in the local dailies that the hospital is being shifted due to land dispute issues. On the other hand, the JAC and local residents have repeatedly denied any issue of land disputes and are urging for the district hospital to be built at its previous location, he added.
Considering that the locals are prepared to donate required land for setting up the District Hospital, it should have been concluded that no land disputes were in existence, Tombi contended.
Recalling that L Jayantakumar was also the health minister during the previous government’s term, Tombi recounted that the Health Minster had laid the foundation stone for constructing the district hospital at Sagolmang and urged him to keep his word.
He then urged the JAC to take up the initiative of gathering all political parties at one place and hold a meeting to help resolve the issue at hand.
Shiv Sena is also against the relocation of the hospitals. If the government decides to shift the hospital against the wishes of the people, then the government will be solely responsible for the consequences, Tombi cautioned.
Meanwhile, MSC/CPI state secretary L Sotinkumar said that the people must stand firm and be prepared to agitate until the Government withdraws its decision of relocating the district hospital and starts constructing the hospital at Sagolmang. The decision to relocate is not justified when it has been proven that Sagolmang is the best possible location for a medical facility and would be of immense benefit to both the hill and valley people of the area, he maintained.
Pointing out that the government had already acquired nearby lands in 2011 for constructing the district hospital, Sotinkumar said that the government has the power to procure more land if needed. The government’s arguments of land disputes being the reason for shifting the hospital are unfortunate. Even if more land is required for the hospital, there in not a single person who is not ready to donate land for the cause, he added.
Thus, all CSOs of Imphal East and the JAC must gather all the political parties of the state and conduct a meeting to try to resolve the issue. It must be the resolute decision of all concerned to undergo various agitations until the state government withdraws its decision of shifting the hospital from Sagolmang, Sotinkumar exhorted.

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