Markets abuzz with people ahead of Cheiraoba Fest

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 13th Apr: Ahead of Cheiraoba festival on Saturday, markets in and around Imphal City including BT road were jam-packed on Friday with people shopping for vegetables and other items related to celebration of the festival.
The rush of people thronging the market was such that there were no parking spaces available near the vicinity of the market. The number grew even bigger as evening advanced.
Compared to last year, items related to celebration of the festival including the ceremonial flowers were sold in abundance. One bunch of Kusum flowers was sold at Rs 10 while one bundle of Pulei was available at Rs 10. Due to abundance of vegetables and fishes, prices of most of the items were kept at affordable rates.
Many vendors selling their wares were crammed with one another in the space between the two Ima markets and also near temporary markets.
One vendor conveyed to this daily that business has not been favourable this year as vegetables are being sold at low prices due to abundant supply.
It may be mentioned that on the day of Cheiraoba, people cook various dishes, may it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, in their homes and offer a small portion of it in front of the gates of their houses. On this day, sisters present gifts to their brothers.

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