Blockade-free Manipur saved over Rs 2000 cr: Serto

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 8th Apr: With the exception of 23 working days lost due to imposition of bandhs and general strikes for varied reasons, financial year 2017-18 will go down in the history of Manipur as one of the most productive years on account of the state remaining free from highway blockades, opined Serto Tondana Kom.
Serto, who has been coming up with findings of his researches focussing on impacts of disruptions caused to normal trade and commerce activities in the state, told newspersons at Manipur Press Club here on Sunday that the state’s exchequer lost Rs 353.6 crore during the just ended financial year.
Explaining that the loss was due to derailment of income generation activities by bandh/general strikes for a total of 23 days from start of year 2017 till March this year, the researcher highlighted that the previous fiscal (2016-17) had 127 days affected by bandh/general strikes while economic blockades on the national highways consumed 179 days.
Putting the total loss to the state’s economy due to bandh and blockade in 2016-17 at Rs 2616.23 crore, Serto pointed out that the loss is calculated on the basis of information culled from Department of Economic & Statistics that pegged the annual per capita income to Rs 61,535 in the said fiscal.
In view of the government of Manipur estimating daily average income at Rs 250, bandh or blockades had been having a telling impact on the economy of state which has a total population 28,55,794 as per the Census Department report, 2018, he maintained.
Stating that the total daily income generation in the state will be around Rs 15,383,750 crore in case no disruption is caused to normal economic activities, he also pointed out that from 2014 till 2016 Manipur experienced 245 days of bandh/general strikes while economic blockades affected 43 days.
Replying to posers from media persons, Serto mooted that year 2017 till March, 2018 remaining free from economic blockades and only 23 days lost due to bandh/strikes is a welcome sign of governance in Manipur.
While conveying that his research work and subsequent publication of the findings in the mass media is a humble effort to create awareness on the negative impacts of agitations that lead to derailment of normal economic activities, he expressed hope that his work will help improve the state’s economy.

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