Drug issue can be reduced only if all cooperate: SP Meghachandra

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 11th Mar: "We all need to come together if we want to put an end to the issue of drug menace or reduce the impact of drugs in the state once and for all," stated Imphal East SP K Meghachandra.
The police officer was speaking as chief guest during an anti-drug awareness programme organised under the aegis of Kairang Muslim Development Committee at Abusidik Junior High School, Muslim Mamang Leikai on Sunday.
Meghachandra further informed that transportation of drugs is quite prevalent in border areas throughout the world. Drug peddlers who dwell near the borders areas are very hard to arrest as they tend to shift their dwelling places from one side of the border to the other. Being a bordering state with Myanmar, the quantity of drugs being transported into Manipur is very high. Though it would not be an easy job to curtail transportation of drugs into the state, yet it would not be an impossible job. The issue of sale and misuse of drugs in the state can be put to an end or reduce the impact of drugs in the state once and for all only when all the politicians, police personnel, narcotic units, clubs, meira paibi associations, student organisations, parents and public come together and extend necessary cooperation.
He further informed that social norms and traditions were very strict earlier.
However, with the coming of the modern education system, people are bombarded with various rights without considering the responsibility coming along with the rights. Since the rights and responsibility failed to go along together, the strength of social institutions has decreased.

Pointing out that the present education system is based on scoring high marks, SP Meghachandra noted that when asked about their future vision, students have nothing in mind other than to become a doctor, engineer or a civil servant. However, if these so called high government officials do not possess the basics of education, i.e. the ability to think, there will be no meaning in being a doctor, engineer or civil servant. Only when people realise this basic idea, the issue of drugs will automatically come to an end.
While clarifying about the public notion that drug peddlers who were caught are released very soon before initiation of necessary actions, the SP said that people should understand that a person who has been arrested in connection drug peddling are kept in prison for not less than 10 years according to ND&PS Act. However, under the Act, there should be witness from the public and they should be present at the court to give their statements. But no individual want to be a witness as they fear the risk of being threatened by the drug peddler and their parties. Moreover, the legal process is very long and the people do not desire to spend much time in the court as a witness. Therefore, the arrested drug peddlers seldom face legal actions and it would be wrong to blame the police, he explained.
The function was also attended by social worker N Rajendro, AMSU president Manjit Sarangthem, advocate N Joy, district mental health programme Imphal West psychiatrist Dr T Suraj Kumar Singh and Imphal East Narcotics OC Devkumar as guests of honour.

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