Sale of unhygienic meats continues unchecked in Ukhrul

R LESTER MAKANG UKHRUL, 7th Mar: Majority of people in Ukhrul town consume different meats at least in terms of thousands of kilograms if not in tens of thousands every single day ---making meat the favourite menu in every household's kitchen. But, how many of the consumers are actually bothered about the quality of the meats they buy and consume, have remained a matter of conjecture, especially in the face of the butchers continuing to freely sell meats under unhygienic conditions in different parts of the town.

Has the question of hygiene paled beside the flavour of the food? Honestly, residents here have not been serious enough to make this an issue while they rely on such outlets for meats year round. Similarly, concerns have been raised against the insensitivity of the authorities concerned towards the unhygienic condition under which meat trade is conducted here.

“It is a big worry that meat merchants in our town are conducting their trades without any concerns for the public health,” president of BJP Youth Front Ukhrul/BJYM Michael Shaiza told The People's Chronicle on Wednesday, citing unhealthy practice of butchering animals and selling meat posing health hazards to the public.

He pointed out that slaughtering of animals in unhygienic conditions and selling directly to the public for consumption is rampant at Viewland which is the biggest meat corner in the town, so are at other places in the town.

Alleging that the butchers of the market slaughter animals in open public areas at Viewland and use the dirty sewer/drain water for cleaning the meats before taking the meats to their shops, he continued that every morning walker who passes through the spot is witness to this disgusting practice.

Therefore, the threat of causing various health issues and diseases to the majority of the general public who consume meats, has become a major concern owing to such unhygienic conditions prevailing in these shops, he cautioned.

“We consume meat as a stable diet but don't realise the poor quality or contamination of the meat we are eating and the adverse effects such meats could cause to our health,” Shaiza said.

On the other hand, it is an open secret that animals slaughtered and sold in the town are not checked for diseases or conformity of norms by any local or government authorities concerned at present.

Neither is there any mechanism to ensure that the meat shops follow weight and measure norms.

“There have been several instances when some local authorities sealed some meat shops for selling short measure of meat to unsuspecting consumers, but this illegal practice has not been checked till date in the absence of the Weight and Measure department in the district,” he lamented.

“In light of the prevailing unhealthy practice of meat trade in Ukhrul town, we appeal to the authorities concerned to take up necessary steps at the soonest to contain the menace in the interest of the public,” the BJYM leader said.

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