Ukhrul cops, public step up traffic regulation

R LESTER MAKANG UKHRUL, 27th Feb: In a significant move aimed at streamlining traffic regulations, a combined team of Ukhrul district police and public volunteers has begun an intensive traffic awareness drive at different road stretches of the town on Tuesday.

The move which is being initiated by the district police to ease traffic congestion and to check frequent road accidents has come a day after the consultative meeting on traffic regulations conducted by the police in association with members of local taxi associations, civil society organisations and tang/locality authorities in the town on Monday.

Talking to The People's Chronicle, Ukhrul SDPO Ringthing Hongchui informed that the drive is being taken up with cooperation and support from the local taxi associations, civil society organisations and respective localities of the township, adding that on the first day, volunteers were provided by these groups to supplement the available police strength which is insufficient to carry out the exercise.

Informing that the drive will continue through the current week, Hongchui said that from the second day onwards, new police recruits will be deployed instead of public volunteers as there is no allocated fund to sponsor/provide the needs of refreshment for such activities at the moment.

The police officer then informed that efforts are being made to execute temporary road markings at different important points starting from Dungrei Junction to Kasomtang during the current drive, adding that this would be only a stopgap measure though.

"We have approached NHIDCL for taking up the road marking work but that will take time, since the process will entail tender and other procedures", he said, quoting the corporation.

"For the time being, we will be providing requisite markings especially at taxi stops to educate both the cabbies and passengers about the spots allotted for dropping and picking up passengers", he added.

Meanwhile, on the first day, hordes of volunteers were seen guiding motorists on parking their vehicles in proper place and position, while attempting to decongest the town's main road.

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