Letpao assures repair of breached river banks

STAFF REPORTER IMPHAL, 25th Feb: The existing condition of bank of Nambul River which is often breached during rainy seasons and creates havoc among the people, was inspected by water resource minister Letpao Haokip along with MLA Ak Mirabai on Sunday.

During the inspection visit, the water resource minister expressed concern over the situation of the river bank, and assured that repair works of the breached river bank, canals and culverts connecting with Takyelpat and dredging of the river bed will be taken up through a special process despite the fact that no funds had been allocated in the state budget for repairing the flood affected areas.

The inspection of the Nambul river bank was initiated following Mirabai’s statement in state assembly recently drawing the attention of the government over the problems of flood faced by the people of Takyel area due to overflowing of Nambul River during monsoons.

During the assembly session, Mirabai urged the government to repair the breached Nambul River bank before the arrival of the monsoons. She had also pointed out the need to construct a new culvert connecting Nambul River and Takytelpat.

Speaking to media persons on the sidelines of the inspection visit, minister Letpao said that the funds for repairing of damaged river banks and others have not been included in the budget as the state has been suffering from financial constraints. Nevertheless, the government would certainly look into the matter.

All MLAs concerned should prepare a project and submit to the department, and the government would provide administrative approval of the work and start the work at the earliest, the minister assured.

The inspection visit was also attended by chief engineer of the water resource department and other officials concerned.

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