Testing of food adulteration using mobile lab vehicle begins

Food testing drive with use of mobile laboratory vehicle for the first time in the state, which was inaugurated by chief minister N Biren in December 2017, commenced Thursday at Imphal market wherein various edible items sold in Khwairamband Keithel were checked for adulteration.

A team of food safety department led by state food analyst Ch Sanajaoba and two of its technical officers along with Imphal West designated officer Y Satyajit and food safety officer Imphal West Dr Nongallei Pebam inspected foods sold in Khwairamband Keithel as well as along the road sides of Imphal market using the mobile laboratory vehicle (Food Safety on Wheels) for the first time.

The team bought the food items from Ima Keithel and those sold along the road sides and tested the products in the mobile laboratory. Out of the total 21 food items collected from the market, the team was able to conduct test on 11 food items only for the day. All the 11 food items which were tested were found to have been not adulterated.

However, majority of the food items collected did not have label on manufacturing and expiry dates and as such the shopkeepers were instructed to put the labeling on the packets.

Food safety analyst Ch Sanajaoba said that the drive cum awareness campaing has been launched to test whether the food items sold in Imphal market are fit for human consumption or not. The shopkeepers have been asked not to sell those items without any manufacturing date, place of manufacture and expiry date. If at all any adulteration is found while testing the food items, it would be further sent to the laboratory and necessary actions would be taken up accordingly.

Imphal West food safety designated officer Y Satyajit also informed that the drive would be carried out in different parts of the state. Inspection drive in Moreh and Ukhrul will be carried out during the month of February.

He appealed to all concerned to renew their food safety licenses and also not to sell tobacco products. Necessary actions would be taken up against those found selling tobacco products, he said, while urging all not to take foods wrapped in newspapers as the ink used in printing newspapers is hazardous to health.

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