Inculcation of values is what is needed

As we leave behind our youthful and carefree days, get on in years and having come to be regarded as mature by society, we have had to take on many responsibilities. And among these one of the most challenging and even frustrating is the responsibility of parenting. How do we bring up our children? Or should we say how are we bringing up our children? When we were growing up, we were taught to respect and obey our elders. Teachers were especially held in very high esteem, their utterances were taken as sacrosanct, and their chidings and beatings were considered an essential part of making a more rounded individual. Consequently, there were no grudges for a few harsh words here, a few beatings there and the children did not show any signs of being psychologically impaired as a consequence and the parents did not come complaining against the teachers for having inflicted irreparable damage to the psyche of the young child. The children then grew up in a much more free-wheeling manner; they were left to their own device to mix around with their peers, indulge in whatever game catches their fancy at a particular time, play pranks on the elders, and even get into physical fights. In schools, they were supposed to respect and obey their teachers, learn whatever is being taught. Getting punished for not paying enough attention in class, not learning your lessons, not doing your homework or for getting into fights with fellow students or for playing pranks is a common daily occurrence then. As education system evolved, any talk about disciplining the student is frowned upon, if any teacher dare lay a hand upon errant student, he/she would have committed the worst crime. Parents, child rights activists, will leave no stone unturned to let him or her know how insensitive and damaging the act was. While we do believe in non-coercive form of imparting knowledge, which do not in any way suppress or repress the natural mental growth of a young person, we believe treating them as highly fragile, being susceptible to the mildest rebuke or the lightest touch is taking it to a ridiculous level. This atmosphere at school is compounded by the highly shielded atmosphere children of middle and upper middle class grow up in. Most of the parents belonging to this category monitor their children jealously, rarely allowing them to mix freely with other kids. The parents try to make up for their children’s lack of socialization and their inability to spend real time with their kids by giving in to all kinds demands of their kids – buy snacks, toys, electronic gadgets, designer cloths, bikes etc. They are also all too ready to come out and defend any kind of transgression of their children by using their official, financial status. In effect, what we have today is a whole generation of spoiled brats who will brook no censure of their action, however wrong or faulty they are. This instead of helping the growing up child will in effect cause more harm in the long run. What is in fact needed is to equip them mentally to handle the highs and lows of life and take them in their strides as part of life. What they most need is not transient feeling of well-being which toys, snacks and other material comforts brings but inculcation of values which will serve them well for the rest of their lives. More than the teachers, who are blamed most of the time, it is the parents who have the major responsibility of bringing up a child and making him grow up into a rounded human being.

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